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About us

We are a locally owned company with a good presence in the country and beyond. We are renowned for providing superior quality app membranes and related materials. Day in day out, constructions sites whether of residential, commercial or road projects continue to rely on our products and expertise.

We have decades of experience in the industry, with a formidable team that thrives on challenges. Our decades of experience is available to all our clients whether new to our products or not. As such, we pride ourselves in helping our clients make the best decision when it comes to purchase of app waterproofing membranes and all our other products. Surely, our customer service is second to none.

Having been in the industry for decades, we know that quality is what makes all the difference in construction. Use of quality materials guarantees that you will get returns on your investment while also reducing the need for regular repairs. With this knowledge in mind, we set out to ensure that you get nothing less.

While certain projects can be expensive, price is never an issue if you are getting value for your money. We provide our clients with unmatched value for money by selling all our superior quality products at the best prices possible. Plus we provide top-notch customer experience to match.

Regardless of the size of your project, it is crucial that you get things right the first time. Going back to the market the second time to replace what you had already bought is definitely expensive and not what you would be looking for. With the best quality app membranes, experienced staff and the best prices, we are sure with us you will make the best decision and get it right the first time.

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