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We provide a wide range of waterproofing membranes for use in commercial, residential, industrial, office, retail, road, and institutional properties. We work with the best manufacturers who are renowned worldwide to bring you the most innovative products available in the market today. Expect to see products made using the best technologies quality equipment and unmatched expertise.

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Our team is dedicated to help you in the many ways that you might need us. Are you unable to choose the right product? We can help you. Do you need to learn more about installation and whether a particular membrane is best for your needs? We are always close, ready and able to help you. While at it, we are committed to providing ongoing training for construction workers that specialize in installation of waterproofing membranes.

Through this website we have been able to bring our products to everyone in Kenya regardless of their location. Even if we do not have a physical store near you, you can always reach us here.

Guaranteed quality products

Our stocking process is very different from many other suppliers in the market. We take time to research and find the superior quality products that we are known for. We do not just stock products because they have high margins which is why we have stuck with just a few brands that provide the quality our clients are looking for. We are driven by quality, value for money and efficiency.

Get our waterproofing membranes today with a high resistance and long service life.

App Membrane Price:

Brand: Insutech
Size 1 metre x 10 metre (3.5mm thickness) ---> Ksh 6,200/=
App Membrane Primer - water based (20 ltrs) ---> Ksh 4,000/=
(20ltrs can be used upto 10 rolls)

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App Membrane machine price in Kenya

App membrane or App waterproofing membrane is a type of waterproofing solution used to protect pitched roofs, roads, terraces, and domed structures from rainfall or water damage. Waterproofing membranes are available in two types: APP and SBS membranes. We supply high quality app membranes and offer the best app membrane prices in Kenya.

What is APP membrane?

As mentioned earlier, waterproofing membranes are available as APP or SBS membranes. APP membranes are highly preferred by most people because of how easy they are to work with. Both membranes are made of modified bitumen.

APP membranes are more plastic-like while SBS membranes are more rubber like. This is because of the different materials used to modify the bitumen to come up with these two materials. For APP membranes, the bitumen is modified with atactic polypropylene (APP) which is a type of plastic. In SBS membrane, stylene-butadiene-stylene (SBS) a synthetic rubber is used to modify bitumen.

APP membrane is more tolerant to heat which makes it easier to work with. When it starts to melt, the material flows with ease making it easier to spread on the surface. SBS on the other hand becomes sticky when it starts melting and gets stickier as the temperatures rise.

The ease of melting and even use makes APP membranes ideal for small projects like residential roofing as well as large ones.

Why choose our APP waterproofing membranes?

You could be wondering where you can get APP membrane in Kenya. If that is you, then you are at the right place. We are a leading supplier of APP membranes and other related waterproofing products in Kenya.

As leaders in the industry we only stock superior quality app membranes from renowned international manufacturers. Our products are available in various grades and finishes. If you want a low cost but high quality product for your project, we have the standard grade membranes. If you are looking for the very best in quality at a higher app membrane price in Kenya, we also have the superior grade app membranes.

Our app membranes can be used in both flat or high pitched roofs and in other construction uses where app membranes are required. You can use them both as a single layer or top layer system where a roof has already been built up. Further, since they are compatible with all types of roofing and other materials they can be used in new modern projects or in renewal or repair projects.

APP membranes need to be strong to withstand the rough conditions they are exposed to like rough handling, building expansion or contraction and even foot traffic. To this end, we only sell products that are time tested and proven to last a lifetime. You will only need to use our products once and forget about waterproofing for many decades. To put your mind at ease, our products come with an industry leading guarantee of 10 years but they last much longer than that.

When choosing app membrane for waterproofing you need to choose a supplier you can rely on. It is best when you buy the membranes from a supplier that specializes in those products. This is the only way to guarantee quality and enjoy the best app membrane price in Kenya.

As specialists, we take the time to choose only the best products. We have been selling APP membranes in Kenya for a long time now and we know how to fulfil your needs and meet your budget. Our company is able to fulfill orders of any size. Whether you are looking to work on your residential roof or you have a bigger project, you can always rely on us deliver.

We have a team of specialists with decades of experience in the industry. Our specialists are always on standby waiting and ready to answer all your queries. So it doesn't matter whether you are buying for the first time or you already know about app membranes, our team is definitely going to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Browse our wide range of products and place your order today. Contact us to speak to a professional if you have any queries so you can place your order with confidence.