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What is an APP membrane?

An app membrane also called app waterproofing membrane is a product used to make surfaces that could be damaged by water to become waterproof. App membrane products are usually available in rolls usually of 10M by 1M.

What is an app membrane made of?

App membranes are made of a combination of Atactic polypropylene and bitumen. Bitumen has been used as a waterproofing material for long and is proven to work well. However, to make it more versatile and more workable, it has to be modified using other products as is the case with app membranes.

What are the advantages or benefits of using app membranes?

There are many advantages of using app membranes for waterproofing including; increased UV resistance, high flexibility even at freezing temperatures, increased flow resistance at high temperatures, fire resistant properties, adaptable to a wide range of climates, and very durable and suitable for tough uses.

What features of app membranes make it a good product to work with?

App membranes come with some outstanding features that make them great waterproofing materials to work with. Some of those features include; they are excellent for all weather conditions, great for use on all types of surfaces, they can be used vertically, horizontally or on slopping surfaces, they are lightweight which prevents excessive weight on the structures or roofs, they have UV resistance properties and they are extremely durable.

Where are app membranes used?

App membranes can be used in almost all areas of a structure where water damage can occur. They can be used on flat roofs, pitched roofs, decks, foundations, floors, walls contacting the ground, tunnels, bridges, balconies, terraces, bathrooms and so much more.

What is the economic life of app waterproofing membranes?

High quality app membranes have the capacity to keep their performance during the life period of the building. However, low quality products or those that are not properly installed may require to be replaced in future.

Are app membranes on their own sufficient for waterproofing?

Yes. Using app membranes on their own will be sufficient in most cases to keep water away. However, in some situations other solutions such as ventilations and drainage systems will be required to complete the waterproofing.

How much do app membranes cost?

The cost of waterproofing will depend on the size of the project, shape of the building where the application is needed, method of application and many other factors. However, when you invest in a high quality product and get proper installation from professionals, you are sure the product can last you a lifetime therefore it is a worthwhile investment. Not to mention, app membranes prevent very expensive and sometimes irreversible damages that can be caused by the elements.

Do app membranes melt in warm weather?

App membranes are installed through torching. In this process they are exposed to very high temperatures to melt them and make it easy to install them. However, they do not melt in warm weather since very high temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius to melt.

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